vineyard, distillery, Cognac dock, cooperage

The other face of the Saintonge, the vineyard of Cognac. Renowned and world-renowned this exceptional spirits is often neglected by the French or perhaps unfamiliar. You are here at the heart of its production area. A walk in the vineyard on foot from the Logis de l’Astrée, by bike or by car to the Grande Champagne, will make you discover the magic of these landscapes of vines in tight rows and the ripples of the hills Charentais bearer of the ” of our region. At the turn of your excursions you will feel the work of the man omni present in these landscapes by the work he provides season after season, by the exceptional building of the beautiful vineyard properties erected in the XIX ° s. A stop at one of our fellow producers, a visit to a distillery, a visit to a Grande Maison de Cognac as we name its great cognac makers around the world, Hennessy, Martell, Courvoisier, Rémy Martin and others … the opportunity to enter the world of elegance, authenticity, passion, the world of Cognac